Consultation Room - Starkman Center

Consultation Room

The mission statement of Dr. Starkman and our staff states that “the personal relationships that we share with with each of our patients is our rewards, and also our tool to meet and exceed their unique needs”. Personalized care and treatment plans for every single one of our patients is the most important reason for our extremely high rates of patient satisfaction. The beginning of every patient’s cosmetic surgery journey begins in the consultation room, where Dr. Starkman will discuss in detail the patient’s concerns that brought them to our office. The discussion will also include the recommended treatments, and every detail into the expectations before, during, and after surgery. Dr. Starkman also uses Mirror computer simulation imaging. Computer simulation imaging is not only a useful tool to demonstrate the expected results, but also to make sure that the surgeon and patient have the same goals in mind. Dr. Starkman does not rush the process and places an extraordinary emphasis on the pre-operative discussions. Additional seating is provided in the room, as patients are encouraged to bring family and friends with them. The room is designed to place patients at ease in a comfortable scenario, and one-way windows provide a comfortable yet discrete setting.